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McRISC: McGinn Risk-Informed SUD Criteria©

EVIDENCE-BASED ASSESSMENT for addiction prevention and remission

The 1st Chronic Illness-Driven Substance Use Disorders (SUD) Assessment

McRISC© is a 10-minute online SUD assessment, prevention and treatment referral guide, accessible 24/7 to all populations. It measures a person’s current and lifelong risk of becoming addicted and the likelihood of remission for those already experiencing SUD, so that providers can prescribe accordingly. McRISC© aims to reframe SUD as a chronic illness that must be treated just as we treat diabetes and heart disease.

Your anonymous participation helps us externally validate McRISC©'s solid construct validity for the best prevention,  and rehab options.   

McRISC© was created to save and restore lives.

Through the revolving rehab door no more!

Revolving door of treatment for addiction contributing to  the opioid crisis.

The misinformed use of opiates for chronic pain, plus a generation of  docs trained to remove all pain, created the current opioid crisis. How do we treat either of these chronic illnesses without assessing life-long risk, severity and appropriate management?

We can't.

Explore a longer, more balanced view.

Balancing life. Freedom of movement without pain. 
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How do we know who will best benefit from which medicine, or whether we're simply extending a more functional brain damaging dependence, unless we include a chronic illness-driven, longer view, assessment and treatment strategy? 

We don't.

Treatment is not the same for everyone.

Man walking on a pathway where he can make choices.

How do we know who would most likely benefit from combined behavioral and medication-assisted treatment for just a year or two and who may need some form of ongoing treatment for the rest of their lives to achieve a sustained recovery? 

We assess it.

What is McRISC©?

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McRISC© is a new online, 10-minute self-report assessment tool that evaluates the risk of developing a chronic substance addiction. It assesses, sorts, and quantifies evidence-based risk factors like genetics, early and prolonged exposure, brain illnesses, life stressors, and substance-related events, through a longer illness lens. An embedded, acute SUD assessment tool for prevention, treatment planning and rehab, complements the tool's chronic illness focus. 

What does it offer?

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McRISC© assessment offers advanced guidance to both opiate prescribers and addiction recovery providers.  Pain management prescibers can better identify those more likely to have, or develop, a substance dependency. Providers can now select which medication-assisted treatment (MAT) and duration is best suited for a given person. A built-in Ready Meter (RM) helps monitor current readiness to be in rehab and longer lasting remission, for more cost-effective substance abuse treatment timing.

Why does it work?

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Combined with other key risk factors, McRISC© incorporates the latest research confirming the impact of early and prolonged substance exposure on the developing brain. A higher Remission Index (RI) coincides with a brain likely to more fully recover with rehab, while a lower RI suggests increased addiction risk for prolonged  brain impairment. McRISC© saves lives by risk-stratifying who's brain is more chronically held hostage as a key reference for  best prevention or treatment.

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McRISC©: McGinn Risk-Informed SUD Criteria